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Latest reviews for Grandough Baking & Catering 5/5.0 stars (12 reviews)

Savannah in Lufkin, TX *****
This is the best food and desserts I have ever tasted. They have the best catering and food and dessert for you wedding or special event!
Sylvia in Nacogdoches, TX *****
The cakes you made for the Rachel Williams and Derek Clifton Wedding were awesome. Best brides cake ever!!!! Congratulations on your new bakery. SylviaBarr Nacogdoches Tx.
Debbie in BAYTOWN, TX *****
The cakes for the Little/Nailon wedding this weekend were perfect!! My son especially loved the strawberry grooms cake. The decorating was spot on!! Can't wait for the next occasion that we need a bakery!
Gigi in Apple Springs, TX *****
The Iced Decorated Shortbread Cookies at Grandough are a must for all of our holidays! Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall - Grandough has something for every season!
Sherry in LUFKIN, TX *****
I Want to thank give a big Thank you to this bakery especially Gwen. Had it not Ben for her and this bakery I would have been in tears all day today as when I picked up the cupcakes for my special event tomorrow only half of them were decorated. They took 10 minutes of their time to decorate the
remaining cupcakes. I will always recommend this bakery to anyone as they have never failed me.
Courtney in Lufkin, TX *****
Everything I've ever had from Grandough has been INCREDIBLE!!! They've done cakes for my and many of my friends' weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. Their cookies, cupcakes, pies, and other treats are simply delicious and always beautiful! Grandough always takes great care of their customers and serves with excellence!
Patsy in Lufkin, TX *****
I needed a certain kind of cupcakes at the last minute & you had them! What a GREAT place! They look delicious & I bet they are. Thank you so much! Blessings to you, Patsy
The McCary and Schuler Families in Lufkin, TX *****
Dear Teresa and Staff,

On behalf of our families, we would like to express our sincerest appreciation for your talents and efforts. The bride's cupcakes and the groom's cake all received oohs and aahs, but the best part of all were the expressions on our guests faces as they tasted the desserts. Thank you again so much!
Mary and Patrick in Lufkin, TX *****
Dear Justin,

Thank you for the absolutely beautiful and delicious cakes you made for our daughter Sharon's wedding on June 11th. There were many oohs and aahs when our guests arrived for the reception and many comments were made on how beautiful and creative your designs were. Our estimates turned out to be pretty accurate, as there were not many left overs. But it also revealed how delicious both cakes were, for I noticed many guests going back for seconds!

Thank you for all the attention to detail in planning with us and for all you and your staff's expertise in making our daughter's wedding day so very special. Let us know if you would like any pics. God bless you!
Allen and Terrye in Lufkin, TX *****
Dear Justin and Mom,

Thanks so much for the absolutely fabulous job you did with Zane and Danae's wedding cakes! They were as deliciously yummy as they were incredibly beautiful and well created. You two are the "Einsteins of Icing" and we can't thank you enough for being center stage at Crown Colony, making the reception truly memorable! May God Bless you and yours with all and only the best in 2012.
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